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User Info: meundies

1 month ago#1
Ok. I’ve searched and searched and have not gotten a clear answer. Just started the game and I am wondering

-Do Gwent cards restock from the merchants that do sell them? (I think I’ve played enough days to get a restock, if that’s even a thing, I’ve only seen confirmation that gold restocks and not item inventory.)

-Can you win multiple cards from winning games against the same challenger? (Also, I’ve tried playing the same person about 3-4 times and only gotten random items after the first win.)

Thank you!!! Loving the game so far!
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User Info: SoulOfFayth

1 month ago#2
1. They're not supposed to, although some cards respawn for some innkeeps (decoys and scorch cards) but this is more of a bug.
2. No, one card per opponent
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User Info: Nadal_Fan13

1 month ago#3
If you want to get all of the cards and do it efficiently, keep note of who you've already played. I do it on my "notes" app on my iPhone for games - actively noting who you've already beaten for their Gwent card will save you from running around trying to figure it out when you're deeper into the game
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User Info: jurbanik

1 month ago#4
There's a much simpler way to keep track for most merchants and if you got their gwent card. Many places will change a slight color after you go there. Just make sure that you play the merchant up on your first encounter and that way you know that ever merchant or inn that is marked as visited means you already got their card.
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User Info: kiss_utama

1 month ago#5
If you have play gwent against someone, the dialogue color will turn from white to grey, so make sure you beat him, if you lost play again. You only need to make note about players you have challenged but haven't won against them like the Vizima guy or Oreton guy.

Cards that you can buy multiple times from tavern/inn keeper are decoy, scorch, gaunter o dimm darkness.
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User Info: Bronzescorpion

1 month ago#6
Also if you haven't realized it yet. You have a book in your quest items that tells you how many cards you are missing in each area and how many random players you need to win against to get all cards.
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User Info: BongSabre

4 weeks ago#7
The White Orchard merchant cards can turn up at the Hanged Man's Tree in Velen. Use Witcher Senses and look around the base of the tree.
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User Info: SoulOfFayth

4 weeks ago#8
Btw TC, your sig should read 'No more sweaty balls'.
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