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User Info: craig_psn

3 months ago#1
In Novigrad. Is this well-known? If not, do you want to know? Doubt this would get patched out at this point in the game's life, but you never know... I personally don't like to use money exploits in games, normally, but OTOH I had so many ingredients and I was practically giving them away, a small batch at a time, they just accumulate, nobody with any (un)reasonable amount of cash pays decently for them.

No reloading etc. required. Pays high prices. I found it by accident. Seems reliably repeatable, unlike a similar but much smaller and less useful ingredient exploit I also found there.

User Info: craig_psn

3 months ago#2
I may have used the wrong gaming term "exploit", but you are taking advantage of a situation (I think). What I'm talking about doesn't give you anything for free, or allow you to easily accumulate anything, it just allows you to sell what you have, fairly quickly, for "best" prices. Who needs multiple stacks of Lamia Hair or Alghoul Claws and Drowner/Nekker parts? Maybe it just bugs me, I like a clean inventory, but I'm also an incurable picker-upper so weightless looted crap accumulates, and better to have the cash and not need it than the alternative...

User Info: momo92

3 months ago#3
Go on......
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User Info: craig_psn

3 months ago#4
I almost forgot about this. You clear out your inventory in one go, then probably don't need to do this again, or at least for a long time...

Anyway, it's the Halfling herbalist in Novigrad, the one that's not far from Hattori's, it's about a 10s run between them once you see the best path.

The herbalist reloads his cash continually, but you have to go so far away from him before he'll do it. IDK how far, but I just run to Hattori's grindstone, then back to the herbalist...that's enough, you can find out how much shorter distance will work for yourself, but you can't stay in the herbalists's shop to wait, and you can't just leave his shop then re-enter.

This is very reliable. The herbalist in Hierarch Square sometimes continually reloads his cash. But he has a lot less cash, and it's nothing you can count on.

User Info: kiss_utama

3 months ago#5
Keep go on…
Time I was on my way. So long.

User Info: rockabilly_man

3 months ago#6
Not sure what the point of this is.
By the time you have that much ingredients in your pockets you will have tons of money as well.

User Info: craig_psn

2 months ago#7
Having too much coin is a complaint I hear about all the time...

Admittedly, having weightless loot is better than cash, if you tend to do some risky stuff; won't take long for city guards to help you use your cash. And not having much cash is better for a certain Gwent game. But generally, it's always better to have lots of it. So I hear...

But the point is inventory management, and cash! Eventually you get to a point in just about every RPG-like game where your inventory is a mess. Either the game mechanics handle it poorly and like to crash (like this one), or it slows down to unbearable speeds, or like for me, mostly I hate the multiple stacks of stuff I'll never use. Hundreds and hundreds of nekker and drowner parts, dwarven spirit, etc., even a few stacks of mandrake root (it seemed rare at first...).

That Runewright is expensive! IDK how much I gave him, must be $25-30k so far, gave it to him without batting an eye. I keep reading that higher-level armor can get expensive, but I don't know yet.

Anyway, going back and forth between Hattori's and the halfling herbalist, it took me about 10 minutes to unload 35 levels worth of collecting excess. I thought it was worth it just to make my inventory look smaller and neat, but it sure isn't necessary.

There is one thing I just remembered: it is possible that the devs were looking out for too many cash-generating transactions, and put stuff in the code to slow them down. Right after I unloaded all my excess ingredients, I noticed that people in Novigrad who usually have tons of cash (Olivier [most cash], Hattori, the Hierarch Square Armorer) all had small amounts of cash, less than 1000, even just a few hundred. It's like there was a total pool of cash restriction when the game decided I was selling too much stuff too quickly, and was like every time I took from the Halfling, it came out of the total cash pool. Since I've only done this once, I don't have a "pattern" to figure this out better, but it definitely seemed like something was going on. I only say this so that you unload items those other vendors would buy first before you go to town on the herbalist.

User Info: jurbanik

2 months ago#8
In a typical game I usually make and spend 100K-200K. Money is not hard to come by.
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User Info: craig_psn

2 months ago#9
^ True. But you have to make it happen, you're getting squat from contracts etc., so you have to sell stuff, no other way to earn "enough". I'm at the end of HoS and I've paid "everybody" in every (optional) way and I have way over 200k left. Of course, that's because I sell everything to appropriate vendors, if possible. I also throw cash/resources away crafting stuff that seems like it would be fun to play with, some of it turns out to be pretty good.

If you don't want to sell all your alchemical ingredients for full price in a short time, move along. If you have so much money you don't care about it, move along. Not everybody is in that situation. And for those who don't read the thread, it's also about inventory management. I'm not addressing why or why not people might want cash, and why they may or may not want to hold stacks of useless stuff. This is for those who want to get rid of junk for most value.
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