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The only thing I'd really recommend regardless of your build is upgrading Delusion to level 3.

Outside of that and throwing up Quen occasionally in battle (which is a singular button press) you can ignore signs mostly.

Although enemies like nightwraiths and noonwraiths will be massive pains without the use of Yrden unless you use moonsilver(?) bombs. And you won't have those immediately. Yrden is already unlocked.

It's not like you're forced to adapt your whole play style to the magic system though. The use of signs is extremely simplistic, and you're not forced to place any points into signs, although, again, I do recommend maxing out Delusion anyway, which takes 3 points. You can do that in the first hour or two.

Other than that and exploding quen (which I'm not sure I even kept activated my whole playthrough), I placed nearly all my points into the combat tree, and a few into alchemy (Acquired Tolerance I would say is another one to always grab, regardless of build). I really only went into the sign tree more close to the end when my level was higher and I didn't want any more skills in combat.

Regardless of that, though, I was tearing everything apart in combat on "Story and Sword" with upscaling turned on.

If you want my advice though, I'd probably leave upscaling alone. I found it didn't work as intended often enough to be annoying, and it didn't add enough challenge when it did work to be worth it. If you're fine with using alchemy and taking a more careful approach to combat, I would just recommend playing on "Blood and Broken Bones" or "Death March". Otherwise, if you only want to use the sword, stick to "Story and Sword".
After your first game though I wouldn’t even worry with delusion level 3. I’d put the points in other more fun things. Delusion is nice to skip a few fights or play a scenario differently but there’s no major repercussions to skipping out on it and the fights are usually super easy and not worth skipping.
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1 month ago#13
Fight is easy but player wants that 40-60 xp for using Axii in conversation rather than killing 40 drowners.
It’s usually not 40 drowners. It’s most often like 3-5 people. Which can be dispatched quickly and leaves the 3 points to make you more powerful elsewhere faster. That 40-60 do doesn’t matter anyway as just the story quests themselves and a few side quests takes you to the “level cap” (31-34) regardless.

I’m not advocating against the points, they should definitely be used for at least one play through. But afterwards if you wanted to Min max or play other builds there’s no reason to apply the points there on subsequent runs. I stated that I was specifically referring to subsequent plays. The 11th post gave me the impression and possibly
New players that delusion was a necessary requirement or had a special use that is more important than it really is.
The sun doesn't give its light to the moon assuming the moon is going to owe it one - Linkin Park
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1 month ago#15
@Zangato posted...
I wanna to get this game, but i was never fun of magic, is this game require you to use it? Or i can just melee through the game ?

This game isn't like Skyrim or other games where you choose to be warrior, mage or archer. The spells (signs) are part of Geralt's skills you don't play as a wizard, you hack stuff to pieces with your swords and with one button you get a thing like a weapon wheel but with signs, you use them if you want to or ignore them. It isn't complicated or mandatory.
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