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    Shame you didn't understand the story.
    And it's a good thing the game doesn't require you to have played the first 2.

    But I've been looking for games with great storytelling, so please recommend some games with better narrative, subtle dialogue and deeper characters.

    Pretty sure I grasped the story perfectly fine, more so than most I'd wager since I know what books it uses for reference.

    So recommend another game then like the guy asked.
    I would like to know as well.

    He'll never do that. As he said he felt like ranting today.

    Not to mention that Saskia, while cool was a bit part in TW2 and she just might be DEAD so why have her in this game?

    Loved how he said bosses were too easy then said bosses took too long to kill.

    But the reason I know he's a troll is based on this one line:

    "Every single quest is the same thing".

    Unless he means by "same thing" that it has a start, and solution then yes. Otherwise he's full of it. How is Cerys quest the same as say Get Junior?
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