3 months ago #1
    Finished witcher 3 (157 hours) one month ago and..

    I even installed witcher 3 theme and that music is like a nostalgia to me and I cannot enjoy another game now. Damn, I hate to say but every game that I try to play now I just cannot enjoy it. I tried Horizon new dawn and For honor and I know they are very good AAA games. I was thinking in buying red dead 2, but will I be happy after witcher 3?

    Anyone feels the same?

    * My pc cannot run witcher 3 to try some mods and maybe return to play, but as far as i know at this moment there are only image improving mods and I don't care about it.

    I was also recommended to see the bewitcher but didn't enjoy it.... Let's see if the serie will be good, although Netflix sux.