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User Info: duredure25

2 months ago#1
Finished witcher 3 (157 hours) one month ago and..

I even installed witcher 3 theme and that music is like a nostalgia to me and I cannot enjoy another game now. Damn, I hate to say but every game that I try to play now I just cannot enjoy it. I tried Horizon new dawn and For honor and I know they are very good AAA games. I was thinking in buying red dead 2, but will I be happy after witcher 3?

Anyone feels the same?

* My pc cannot run witcher 3 to try some mods and maybe return to play, but as far as i know at this moment there are only image improving mods and I don't care about it.

I was also recommended to see the bewitcher but didn't enjoy it.... Let's see if the serie will be good, although Netflix sux.

User Info: kilaude

2 months ago#2
I’m at the last expansion (blood and wine) and i can already tell I’ll feel like you. It’s such an amazing game that’ll kind of ruin other games because it sets the bar in narrative so high.

The solution I’m thinking of is just to play witcher 2 ;) (in case you haven’t)
Thank you for coming back, Shenmue.
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User Info: Natural510

2 months ago#3
RDR2 is the only game that has an open world comparable to TW3, though I didn’t enjoy the story or missions/quests as much (even as a longtime Rockstar fan). Really, CDPR created one of the best games of all time, so it’s going to be a letdown trying to find another game to replace it. I ended up going to games that were completely different afterwards.
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User Info: MagillaGuerilla

2 months ago#4
Rdr2 is not going to scratch the itch. It’s a great game but it doesn’t feel remotely like Witcher 3 in anything except size.
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User Info: SirHeiska

2 months ago#5
duredure25 posted...

Anyone feels the same?

Yes and no.

That happens to me pretty much every time when I finish some big story game or some huge game project.
I always have really hard time to start some new game, but because of that I have usually some "easy" to get back in games, like Warframe, Diablo, PoE, WoT and other similar games what can be played without too much investment.
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User Info: okidori4life

2 months ago#6
Well the two games you listed are just snooze fests...

Horizon zero dawn is a beautiful polished amazing looking game, but yeah just boring af to me. And For Honor? Yeah no lmao.

A game series I always recommend to people is the souls series.

Try getting bloodborne, dark souls 1, or dark souls 3. Might have some fun with those :)

User Info: MagillaGuerilla

2 months ago#7
Bloodborne was amazingly addictive to me. The setting was just so cool and the story was awesome until The aliens thing...

I am really into that whole macabre setting. Not sure if I would like dark souls as much because the undead and medieval setting just doesn’t do it for me.
The sun doesn't give its light to the moon assuming the moon is going to owe it one - Linkin Park

User Info: denniedarko

2 months ago#8
Have you checked out AC: Odyssey?
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User Info: SoulOfFayth

2 months ago#9
Yep I know what it's like. No game comes close to this. There are lots of other open world games this generation but all of them feel shallow with repetitive gameplay, too much focus on action, and just plain missing the amazing atmosphere this game delivers. Well, Kingdom Come definitely tried and doesn't feel shallow but is missing atmosphere and the world is kinda boring.
I have stopped looking for a game that can even be compared to this, I just play different types of games. Resident Evil 2 has managed to take my mind off the Witcher for a bit, then I've also been playing a lot of walking sims that have a great atmosphere and compelling stories like Firewatch, What Remains of Edith Finch or Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. I'm really trying to let TW3 cool off for a while.

I'm holding out hope for Cyberpunk and The Outer Worlds, though they are very different in setting they're made by developers who brought me the 2 best games I ever played, The Witcher 3 and Fallout New Vegas. So I hope at least they can scratch that itch for a well written immersive world with great storytelling and atmosphere.
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User Info: pablofreak88

2 months ago#10
It seem you got The Witcher 3 sindrome
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