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  3. How much more story do I have left?

User Info: UltiMysterio

1 week ago#1
Without spoiling anything last story mission I did ... Geralt, Yen, Garden,Craven.... anyone know percentage wises where I am?
Probably should have just tagged for spoilers and been more explicit. It would have been much easier to interpret.

Anyway, I would say perhaps 60% through the main story, maybe 65%. You still have quite a while.
I dunno I was able to instantly tell where they were. But I’ve played the game several times and that particular quest sticks out in my mind.

But yeah I agree it’s probably just easier for everyone to tag for spoilers in the topic title and then lay it out.

Also yeah probably about 60-65% sounds about right.
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User Info: ssn560

1 week ago#4
A few more chapters to go.
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User Info: UltiMysterio

1 week ago#5
Lol sorry but thanks guys I’ll make sure to focus on everything else for a while still have plenty of side quests, unread notice boards, contracts and a few treasure hunts left. Only just hit level 24

User Info: jurbanik

1 week ago#6
You have a LONG way to go. Of course there are many quests you don't HAVE to do. Also we don't have any clue on what you might have done back in Novigrad or how quickly you went to Skellige.
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User Info: good_tobi

1 week ago#7
You should probably be around lvl 32 when main story is done.
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User Info: arcanedarsen

6 days ago#8
As other users say, if you have completed all Velen and Novigrad stuff, you are around 55%-60% story completion.
If you have done every possible secondary quest important to the plot at that point, and you've helped all your allies, maybe a bit more.
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