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User Info: Luqid

3 months ago#1
my question is simple -
how can i win a GWENT card game?
after the tutorial which i lost, i just the keep losing.

whats the deal? is the computer cheating/hacking?

User Info: rockabilly_man

3 months ago#2
Youtube is your friend

User Info: Great_Khan

3 months ago#3
Basically the game comes down to managing your stock over the 3 rounds, I lost the tutorial first time too since I spooged all my cards out of the gate.

Typically the idea I used was:

Prep) Erry damn spy you can get your mitts on. Every hero you can get your mitts on. Every Decoy you can get your mitts on. Try to keep as close to the mimimum stack allowed (Monsters deck excluded, has a drastically different play style). You shouldn't need more than one of each weather card or a couple of horns or burns (Some love horns, but they're all for non-hero's and those are more susceptible to shenanigans). When dropping cards just pick low level neutral cards.

R1) Throw the round and make them burn cards as much as possible. Use your trash cards, use weather effects and clear them just to pass the time, hold on to all your specials and big damage ones. If you have spies throw all those f***ers out there and decoy back anything that comes your way to rethrow. Feel free to burn and ruin your own cards just to wreck theres. Any low level multipliers are wonderful to get a decent figure up without using anything (that blue 4 strength infantry which doubles when paired is great for this, while Seige Towers are too valuable to waste). Basically you want to end the round with nothing but good value cards, and an advantage in remaining card count, losing the round is totally fine if these goals are met.

(R1 Note: Vs Northern realms you probably want a 2 round win since you don't want them getting the bonus card, feel free to use a couple of good cards to take the round after the initial burnfest if they haven't gained a massive lead)

R2) Typically the AI throws this round, chuck out your lowest "good card" and see if they want to try and fight you. If you burned any spies medic those back for a bigger stack advantage

R3) Use your stack advantage to brute force your way to victory. Assuming you held all hero cards you're immune to statuses so can just walk it in.

This tactic worked for me 99% of the time.

Also, note that it's not a "fair game" like a poker where it's luck of the draw and clever choices that guide the result. Think of it like a FF9 Tetra Master where it's really a progression based game where your growth and item stack determines your success more than "skill".

User Info: kiss_utama

3 months ago#4
Once you get grip of this game, choose hard on difficulty, so much fun.

Oh tips when you slightly understand the game:
Northern realms deck.
Foltest special card: clear weather.
Use tight bonds cards combine with commander horn.
Use spy cards & decoy or medic to reuse spy card.
Beware of scorch: always play below opponent highest card.

User Info: GNS1991

3 months ago#5
There are a lot of detailed tips, but my most important are these:
1. Remember that the game is played in rounds. Do not put all of your cards in the same round.
2. There are two tactics:
2.1 First put low point cards on the field in your first round and see what the AI is putting. Let the AI win the first round.
2.2 First put the most strongest card you've got in order to make the AI put more cards on the field. Sometimes, this is a good tactic, because the AI will put its strongest cards on the battlefield. You may or may not want to win the first round.
3. Use special cards, e.g., decoy card and spy card is advantageous for you. Actually, if you have a couple of spy cards, use them in the first round in order to draw significantly more cards than your opponent. However, keep in mind that your opponent may be using Nilfgaardian deck, which has a truck load of spy cards as well. Also, healing and decoy cards are advantageous, but I mostly use these two cards in the final round.
4. Use your leader card whenever it's most advantageous, e.g., I use King Foltest leader card (the one who makes ballistas two times more powerful) in the final round.
5. If you loose, don't be afraid to reload the game (if you're on PC, it takes literally seconds. On PS4, well... it may be cumbersome)
6. Buy cards from inkeeps or merchants. Sometimes, they sell good cards (despite you may not want to collect them (a side quest collect them all), which help you immensely).

P.S. I don't know, Gwent is pretty straightforward game in Witcher 3, and very simple in comparison to the stand-alone version. But that's because I've played "War" in my childhood (when you put higher value card than your opponent to score points). So I understood the gist of it in mere seconds (actually, in White Orchard you can hear NPCs talking to each other about the card game "War" (not the real war), by saying it will be ages till you understand Gwent, maybe you should play war instead.

User Info: GNS1991

3 months ago#6
For that matter, does any one know, if there is a stand-alone Witcher 3 Gwent mod that does not require to launch Witcher 3? It could be a flash game on the Internet for all I care, because I simply don't like the CDPR stand-alone Gwent that they've created. You know, like they used to make Yu-Gi-Oh flash card games based on the anime series back in ancient times? It would be a nice replacement of Solitaire xD

User Info: SW_POWN

3 months ago#7
Gwent is painfully easy, some people have explained it well in earlier replies. Once you get more cards, you can't really lose at all anymore.
I ask alot of questions.
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