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  3. Will I miss out on anything too important if I skip Gwent?

User Info: Sera67

2 months ago#11
Not fan of card games, so bypass it myself.

Last one I truely enjoyed was one in FF8.
I shout out to duelst of roses, thou that was more... not so much cards as it was neat. XD

Gwent isnt bad game, I'm just not in mood for collectables/missables anymore.
Choco Cookies!

User Info: MertensCW

2 months ago#12
Loved it.
Best card game in a game by far because its the first one i liked playing, so collecting the cards wasn’t a problem at all.

Who needs Fisstech when we have Gwent.
Few Favorites- Ninja gaiden 1-2, Colony Wars 1-3,Xenogears,MarioKart,Lunar 2 GTA:SA,S&K,FF6-7,Zanac,S.Metroid,SMB2,NFL2K5,Halo 2, NG2,Vanquish,Witcher 2.

User Info: kiss_utama

2 months ago#13
The last time I play game within a game was on Yakuza 2 PS2. The games especially golf ⛳ & baseball ⚾ were really stressful, as you must timed to push the button very precisely and achieve like 8 consecutive hits (IIRC) to get the achievement.
Gwent is so much fun. It is strategic but also with mix of luck.

User Info: philp86

2 months ago#14
When you finish the game, there's nothing stopping you from going back and playing all the Gwent you want. Just because you haven't been doing it as you progress through the quests doesn't mean you can't do it in the future. I ignored it right up until I was in Novigrad but seeing the Gwent-related quests in the quest menu start to build up started to get on my nerves so I went back to everywhere I'd been throughout the game thus far and played all the Gwent I could. I believe I'm a pretty competent Gwent player now. Although I'm sure some people on this board could wipe the floor with me.

User Info: Rabastan

2 months ago#15
This is one of the few card-game-in-video-games that is actually super fun. Music' s fine, too.

Just play and enjoy.

User Info: kilaude

2 months ago#16
kilaude posted...
Hopefully not because I'm completely ignoring it. I just don't have the patience, seems overly complex.

I actually have to retract what I said. I learned Gwent and it's quite easy and fun tc. Now I'm addicted. Try it out.
Thank you for coming back, Shenmue.
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  3. Will I miss out on anything too important if I skip Gwent?