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  3. Will I miss out on anything too important if I skip Gwent?

User Info: IIIRX7III

3 months ago#1
I don't care about PSN trophies but I do care for certain unique and valuable items obtained via mini-games. Are there any unique, extremely useful items that I may miss if I don't play Gwent? Last time I played a card mini-game was in Digimon World 3 like 10 or more years ago, don't really care for strategic mini-games (hell, don't really care for mini-games at all unless it's necessary).
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User Info: MagillaGuerilla

3 months ago#2
Nah you don’t get anything except enjoyment and a trophy for playing gwent. For some reason I really loved playing it.
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User Info: rockabilly_man

3 months ago#3
You will miss a Relic sword in B&W during the Gwent tournament in Toussaint.
Not to worry though, you will find plenty of other swords.
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User Info: GNS1991

3 months ago#4
Mostly, money, if you skip Gwent tournaments (e.g., in the Whoreson's casino in Novigrad).

User Info: drclaeys

3 months ago#5

first WHY????

in my first game, I ignored it. Played the few games I was stuck playing, and ignored it.
in my next game, I tried it more. by this time they had a slider for Gwent difficulty. I put it on easy. I ready how to play, I watched a few videos.

I did much better. I did not get every card.. but it was pretty damn close. There is an element of luck involved. you can play the same person a few times.. sometimes they curb stomp you, some other times you just barely win.

Its strategy, sometimes you have to THROW that first game. When I tried to win the first game no matter what, it seems like would give me a percentage of losses, when you play smarter, you win more.

And its all about the cards you collect. the more and better you get, the more you outclass your foes.

so just "TRY" really, what do you have to loose, I am a total dumb ass, and I figured it out. Just save right before you play, reload and try again, you get to learn the opponents cards and how the computer uses them.

Good luck.
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User Info: rockabilly_man

3 months ago#6
Agreed, it's not hard and when you get into it it's quite addictive.

User Info: kiss_utama

3 months ago#7
If you are stingy just bet 1 crown, no need to reload and wait for the loading screen.
I bet 10 crowns and lose many times vs the fisherman in Oreton because my cards suck.
Keep playing and when I won it was a pleasure to beat him with my crap cards by few points. It's the beauty of the game.

User Info: Gwalchgywn

3 months ago#8
If you're aiming to platinum this game then Gwent is essential as you need to win with certain cards and collect all cards to obtain Gwent related trophies.

If you're not bothered about that then it's not a big deal but it took me a while to get into Gwent, loved it once I learned how to play it.

User Info: phreatobite

3 months ago#9
Took a while to get into but it's an enjoyable diversion and you can win a few items/trophies in the big events.

It clicked for me once I got the spies along with a sweet Nilfgaardian deck.I have six more cards to find.
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User Info: kilaude

3 months ago#10
Hopefully not because I'm completely ignoring it. I just don't have the patience, seems overly complex.
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