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User Info: kelvingabaldonc

3 months ago#1
I love this game but even I don’t understand how it kept its place in the top 10 list for more than 3 years. Most monsters don’t respawn, I’ve looted everything container & corpse, there are only so many builds & even gwent gets boring. On top of all that, there’s only 1 ng+, & you have to hunt for witcher gear blueprints all over again.

What are you guys still doing?
Kelvin G.

User Info: SoulOfFayth

3 months ago#2
I don't keep playing on the same file, I did multiple playthroughs. The obvious reason for that is all the choices you can make, but mostly it's because I absolutely love the atmosphere, characters, music, quests, everything about this game. Just like how I can watch my favorite shows again and again, I love replaying through the story, and being able to do things a little different each time gives each playthrough its flavor.
But if you're looking mostly for a playground with hordes of baddies and phat loot, this isn't the game for it.
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User Info: MagillaGuerilla

3 months ago#4
It’s definitely the lore and atmosphere for me. I love all the mythical beasts and monsters and geralt is just a cool character to me. I played it once at launch and then didn’t replay it again until last year when I got the dlcs on sale for ten bucks. Then I ran through it again twice to clean up leftover trophies. I’ll probably end up playing it again within the next year or two.
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User Info: junglicious

2 months ago#5
It’s a great game on how the main story and side quest stories are done. It’s huge with different content. A lot of people who play games haven’t ever played a Witcher game so there are still new comerrs. The stories brings you into the game and keeps your attention wanting more. The game has received high rating across the board for a reason, it’s that’s good of a game.

User Info: tonycbk0

1 month ago#6
Like basically everyone else says, it's really the atmosphere for me as well. This game nails giving you the feeling of being Geralt and in the world. Even skyrim, which I did love and put over 200 hours into didn't give me this feeling.
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User Info: Zangato

1 month ago#8
Atmosphere, level design, characters, music, quests and Story.

User Info: jurbanik

1 month ago#9
I've played the game start to finish at least 8 times. In every single game there was at least one thing I never saw or did before.

Plus Geralt is a great protagonist. Only other one that was up there was Shepard from the original ME trilogy.
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User Info: angryguy77

1 month ago#10
I'm almost done with my first play through, and I'm loving every part of it(well except for the looting in skellige) but I have to say I don't understand how one can go through it over and over.

I'm not ripping on those that do but I have to ask, are you having anytime to play anything else? This game has completely sucked me in that I've not played much of anything else. I've even set myself to appear offline so I don't get invited to MP.
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