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User Info: thedoctor2014

3 months ago#1

User Info: kiss_utama

3 months ago#2
There is King of Beggars in Novigrad named Francis Bedlam, he surely will give you some good begging tips.

User Info: jurbanik

3 months ago#3

But seriously the biggest beginning tip is to do EVERYTHING in White Orchard. Explore everywhere and do all the quests. Visit ALL shrines as they give you a point to help build your character.
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User Info: pablofreak88

3 months ago#4
Grizlucks' and SaintAkira7's Tips for begginers.

Here's the generic advice I give to anyone who asks.

1. Loot everything, and I mean everything. When you inevitably go overweight, summon Roach, your horse, and head to the nearest merchant to sell off everything. Easiest way to make money, early game. Once you can pick and choose where to sell, always sell in the two major cities. Whatever is not an upgrade to your current armor and weapons should be sold, except crafting materials. Keep all crafting materials.

2. Go green asap. By that I mean get the Warriors Jacket and the Viper swords from White Orchard asap. There is another early game armor set, called the Temerian armor set, but it costs a lot of money. I'd say its more of a New Game plus item, but you can buy it in White Orchard, and it lasts until you're level 11-13, so its definitely worth it. But it is a dlc, which leads me to my next point...

3. Download all the free dlc, with the exception of the appearance dlcs. I like the appearances in them, but you might not. That being said, download the rest. It's so worth it.

4. Explore the world. This is an open world game. There are lots of cool quests. Just explore and visit notice boards. Make sure you hit up the question marks if you're short on money.

5. Don't grind. This isn't a JRPG. You only get scrub Xp per monster. With the exception of Contracts.

6. Finally, decide what build you want. You can do some exploration, but I wouldn't recommend it until you have access to potions of clearance. Just go down the path that you want. Consult an online guide if you don't know what build you want. Pushsquare has a pretty good one

And also, my friend SaintAkira7 added this link onto the advice, and I think he was right to do so:

Extra advice on Gwent from SaintAkira7

One piece of advice I wish I'd known was the jerk that beats you in Gwent at the palace isn't indicative of the overall experience of Gwent in-game, and it put me off playing Gwent initially. Which cost me the Gwent trophy that I'm going to have to get on my DM NG+ playthrough. You can come back later and beat his ass at Gwent. But if you're into Gwent at all and trying for the trophy, there's an in-game reference (and dozens and dozens of online guides so that you don't miss any) you can use to make sure you don't miss any cards.
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User Info: Redfield_67

3 months ago#5
If you can get a skinny dog to sit next to you all day you can play up the whole "need coin for food" angle.
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User Info: rockabilly_man

3 months ago#6
"Save me, i'm dying.... of poverty"
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User Info: Sera67

3 months ago#7
- Use wikia..

Not for spoilers, but "quest list" show levels you need to be, and locations.

And you can head off to them and finish them on level when there worth something and level up fast.
Cause ya, killing enemies for 5xp...even when you find a good spot suckssssss when you need 1500exp.

- You dont need collect every plant you come across, Once potion is made, its on your list and will renew when you rest(meditate) at cost of achohal.
If you dont mind collecting, its not a huge deal, spares you can sell for 1crown, and there weightless. Keep about 20ish of most.

- Box, barrels and cartes oh my..nabbing everything not nailed down, useful for parts..but no need over do it. Your here playgame, not play trash collector. There will be a time much later when you need some of this stuff, but you can always go back. =3

- If you find yourself with stuff to sale... check dismantle list first for things like cured dragon leather, and other rare parts you dont see often. you'll need them later. (around lv9-10ish I started see some rarer parts)

- The armor sold by Bram (via DLC) is abit costly... but it'll last till lv10-11, and you can then make griffin witcher armor which will last for abit. (on easy and normal setting anyway)

- sellling stuff part 2, Not every vendor resets. Which means selling all those 7-9gold s*** swords and clubs may come haunt your ass when the games goes load item screen.
Honestly...dont pick up s*** weapons, go murder Cows on farm Abit east of Novigrade (marti something farms) for hides. A run of cow murder once or twice, and you'll have 2k in crowns to sell. XD
Junk vendor in Novigrade herich sqaure (how ever its spelt) resets all junk sold to him and pays good price. (thread on 2-3rdnd page about which vendors reset and how do it quickly)

- Ard, lv3 spell, You ever notice how everything is just out of range of Ingi, or wont bunch up to get burned. YA fudge that, get lv2-3 Ard Sign that adds range, tell your enemies to suck it, and control the fights much better.

- Food perk thats lets you heal for several mins after a food/drink is used, Handy for harder setting, great if you find your self not at max health often.

- there a reset potion for perk points spent. (1000crowns) (one or 2 cow runs) So dont feel like you make bad choices using perks that only have use short hand.
Like 2 crossbolts till reload. Its kinda meh perk, till your underwater and need 1shot drowners like a Boss. Or shoot down flying enemy, and miss 1st shot. =3
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User Info: MagillaGuerilla

3 months ago#8
Usually the best tactic is to just ask for food. If you ask for food people will usually buy you food. If you ask for money they’re likely to think you’ll waste it on alcohol or drugs. So you’ll find more success in begging for food vs money.

Although one time a guy asked me for spare change so he could buy a beer and I was impressed with his honesty so I gave him all the change I had in my pockets at the time. Lol
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(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: rockabilly_man

3 months ago#9
Haha 😂
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User Info: TGS55

3 months ago#10
Witchers don't beg.
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