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  3. Would I miss a lot if I start the series with Witcher 3?

User Info: Magnetronous

1 month ago#1
I don't like jumping into a series from the last game, but I've never heard good stuff about the first two games. And this one is praised right and left, so I thought giving it a try. Would I miss a lot, especially in terms of story, if I started the series with this?
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User Info: xamdamCO

1 month ago#2
I started with 3 and definitely feel a bit lost at times. But it hasn't been a real big deal so far imho. There was an early scene where I had to answer questions about Geralt's actions from earlier games that was rather off-putting since I had no idea if I was giving the "right" answers. But that's the only time it's had a real direct so far after about 40 hours played. And there have been a few scenes since then that seem to have made a good effort to fill me in on history between certain main characters.

User Info: rockabilly_man

1 month ago#3
You could read the books if you don't want to play the first two.
If you wanna learn about the lore.
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User Info: Tonyjaa

1 month ago#4
the witcher 2 is a great game and I think u should definitely play it before 3 as it also helps familiarize u with the lore, characters, and combat. I never read the books but if i hadn't played witcher 2 i wouldn't have known who triss, yennifer, the wild hunt, or dandelion were.

User Info: SaintAkira7

1 month ago#5
You'll be fine. I started with 3 (have since read some of the books) and didn't get lost. The game does a good job (for the most part) of telling you who everyone is and why they do what they do (there's in-game material on each character you can read as well).

The only part I was lost on was in the beginning you have to answer a series of questions (in absence of a Witcher 2 save file transfer) that details what "you" (Geralt) did in the previous game. The most important part to me was to make the choice that Letho was alive so he'd appear...All that's probably confusing. I'd definitely recommend using a walkthrough for this particular section, even if you'd normally be against using a guide: it just kinda sets some of the world-state.

That aside, just play it. You'll miss a reference here or there, but nothing major, and the game does a good job of getting you up to speed and being mostly self-contained. One of the best games this gen and it's a top 5 all-time for me. Highly recommend.
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User Info: Great_Khan

1 month ago#6
The game is pretty good at getting the general backstories and state of relations between characters across quickly without being overly exposition filled. There'll be a lot of "omg it's X" reveal scenes that won't have an impact, and many "oh hey you buddy" moments that will take 5 minutes to make sense, but it's fine. Narratively it's very self contained and the story won't lose you.

User Info: MagillaGuerilla

1 month ago#7
I started with 3 and never felt lost. It was instantly one of my favorite games ever. I did eventually ( 3 years later) go back and read a few books and play 1 and 2 which made playing a second and 3rd run more interesting to me since I could catch some references etc, but each game is really 3 self contained stories vs one long story arch. You’ll be fine to jump in.
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User Info: xamdamCO

1 month ago#8
SaintAkira7 posted...
The most important part to me was to make the choice that Letho was alive so he'd appear...

Oh good. I lucked into that Letho answer.

User Info: Czarcasm

1 month ago#9
If you aren't able to play the first two games, I'd at least watch a play through of them. ChristopherOdd did a great series on them, which is how I caught myself up on the first game.

I'd save the books for after the games, personally.

User Info: GNS1991

1 month ago#10
Frankly, 95 percent of Witcher 3 is new content. And only 5 percent is from Witcher 2. And even those 5 percent... well... let me put it this way. You will not be lost to what is going on.
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