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  3. What is the story of how witchers got Kaer Morhen? (minor spoilers perhaps)

User Info: murrowboy1

1 month ago#1
Anyone got the short version? So witchers did a good deed so they get an entire piece of land to themselves? I only know Vesemir there. So, no rent, no mortgage, they just... own it? Somehow and nobody with an army wants to invade it? 3-10 witchers vs an army of 1000's?

Some light please :)

User Info: SoulOfFayth

1 month ago#2
What I gathered from the books is that it's just a secret and very remote location, deep in the wilderness where no one would ordinarily find it. But I guess that doesn't explain how the keep got there.
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User Info: kiss_utama

1 month ago#3
No army will go there and invade because it's so remote and the cold weather it'll be like Napoleon attacked Russia, they will be defeated by weather alone before clashing with the witchers.
But nearby peasants once invaded the school, you will gather the story when you do mission in Kaer Morhen.

User Info: preachinsin

1 month ago#4
^ The stories add that the few remaining Witcher’s left the bodies of the dead peasants as a warning, but in truth the attack darn near wiped the Witchers out.

While it remains something of a stronghold, it is likely little more than a barely mentioned curiosity to most by the time of the Witcher game series.
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User Info: BlackHoleEyes

1 month ago#5
It's an old old fortress, half ruined. It's way out in nowhere and has no strategic value.
We never learn how they got it, but apparently they've had it for hundreds and hundreds of years.
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  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  3. What is the story of how witchers got Kaer Morhen? (minor spoilers perhaps)
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