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User Info: Hansomu-kun

2 years ago#1
I just downloaded the new update and play the game for around 8 hours straight on PS4Pro and my copy of the game is the Complete Edition.

Have to admit, textures looks better this time, but i just dont feel satisfied by this update for following reasons:

1) Right away, i notice a 'hiccups' in a conversation. For now it happens to the innkeep at the north-west village in skellige (forgot the name of the village, its located on a separate island and is a major location in a mission where you help the leader/jarl to banish the voice which he believe to be God or his brother). By hiccups i mean the game will briefly pause while the character still talking everytime you choose a conversation option before the animation play and catching up with the words spoken. Havent notice this happen with other character yet...

2) if you have encounter a bug in your game (no matter how major/minor it is) dont expect this patch to fix it...in my case, since 1.31 there is this treasure that i've collected somewhere in skellige (it was on remote island west of the tower where Ciri enters at the finale, guarded by two polar bears) but the icon will stay bright and wont greyed out. Its hard to tell whether the game recognize the treasure to be collected or not. I went there and there is still that circle white radius indicating as if a key or treasure is there waiting to be collected.

3) as many have said, NO options whatsoever to adjust the performance with this new 4k update. I agree that graphically the game looks better, however there is side effect to this and off course we are talking about the frame rate. There are many noticeable fps drop this time around, in a combat, exploring the wilderness and major cities (novigrad is already intensive on 1.31). Sometimes if you fast travelling somewhere, the game will take it's time to load the texture of objects, so you will see a low res texture for a moment there (happen to me when fast travelling to somewhere in skellige). There is a topic on this board where the TC claim that the performance getting better with this update...sadly, that is not correct.

4) this one here is weird, might be an implication from upgrading the graphic; in Toussaint, while it is bright/daytime try to move the camera to look at the blue sky, and then tilt the right stick lightly either up or down. The sky will becomes so bright before turning to its normal color, it will happens for a brief seconds. So far this only happens in toussaint, as i never tested it at other places.

5) Last but not least, what the hell with this 1.50 and 1.51?why do some people stuck with 1.50 (myself included) and not 1.51? Is this a 'vanilla=1.51 CE=1.50' kind of situation? I need confirmation on this...

To conclude, i dont think that this update is necessary (just my opinion). Although the graphics are improve it does not significantly differs from 1.31 and witcher 3 is already a game with amazing graphic in the first place. However, more noticeable drop in frame rate does affect your gameplay experience, which is more significant compare to upgrading the already amazing graphic. I just hope another update will follow that include the options to adjust the performance.

User Info: Bdg623

2 years ago#2
Thx for the in depth review. It's appreciated.I'm just kinda curious why people thought this would be something more than a half arsed patch for pro. Kind of a head scratcher(most bugs left are nitpicks) and theres a nitpicker mod on PC actually that fixes all that and it's barely noticeable. Cdpr said many times that they're done w/ Tw3 and full focus on (at the time) on 2077 and gwent. Why would anyone expect bug fixes. Iirc, when the vimme vilvaldi new clothes update came out it was said by cdpr that was the take it or leave it patch. I can't say for sure, but I have a very strong feeling cdpr optimized this for the stronger Xbone x(Scorpio)


2 years ago#3
Any HDR support with this Pro patch?
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User Info: bmouse6

2 years ago#4
KINDERFELD posted...
Any HDR support with this Pro patch?

No, just the resolution and some visual enhancements.

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User Info: Hansomu-kun

2 years ago#5
For the first time after updating, i got a saving issue that arise everytime the game initiate an autosave; it claim that my save file is corrupted, yet the game still continue playing after i closed the error notification window.

Well, i cant say it is 100% caused by the patch, it just that it happens recently after the 1.50 update and this never happens before, in my full playthrough from start to finish on 1.31

Fixed it by saving on new slot and delete ALL manual as well as checkpoint and autosave files. The particular file that cause this issue cant be deleted at first, and crash the console upon exiting the application. The file however can be deleted the next time the game/application is launched.


2 years ago#6
The new patch really gives my Pro a workout.
Not even HZD made my Pro roar this loudly.
the polyfilla way look strong in the weakness of the gaps

User Info: NewVegasVagabon

2 years ago#7
This is why I'll have the last update forever paused in my downloads queue lol
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User Info: iiiiiiiiiiiii

2 years ago#8
i wonder if there are any issues with non pro systems with new patch.

User Info: IzanagiBlast

2 years ago#9
Hmm anyone experiencing random crashes I'm Novigrad? Never had one before (in the entire game) and yesterday I got 3 just by traveling the city on foot.
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User Info: monkyby87

2 years ago#10
iiiiiiiiiiiii posted...
i wonder if there are any issues with non pro systems with new patch.

My regular PS4 can get kind of loud sometimes, but I seem to recall that happening before the latest patch. Otherwise I haven't had any issues really.
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