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  3. How long is this game?

User Info: ColdOne666

2 years ago#1
I love RPG's (my fave genre) and i have heard this game is amazing but I'm worried this game will be to long and i'll get bored.

I love Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Mass Effect and Fallout and plenty of others and i normally get between 30 to 50 hours on a single player playthrough. Anything to much past that though and i might get bored and lose interest. I like to play multiple games and i only really do lots of gaming on the weekends. i just don't want 1 game to take months to complete. Too many new games coming out.
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User Info: SaintAkira7

2 years ago#2
Take that 50 hours you mentioned in the op, and I'd say triple it. Depending on how you play and whether or not you have completionist tendencies, and whether or not you play the DLC, which is arguably stronger than the base game, 150 hours easily, likely more.

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User Info: Spinder1

2 years ago#3
You can blast through the game in 50 hours if you want to, though you'll certainly miss much of the best content by doing so. The game is meant to be slow paced and it has an absolutely enormous amount of content in it. That's why completion times tend to skyrocket into extremely high numbers for a single player game, like well over 100h.
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User Info: pablofreak88

2 years ago#4
Yea I am at 130 hours but still haven't finished the main game, almost there though.
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User Info: Nasada19

2 years ago#5
Game is as long as you make it. If you don't want to do side content because it's boring you, you don't have to.
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User Info: Flamechamp2333

2 years ago#6
For main quest in my 2nd playthrough, I took my time and did only the main story and it still took me 25 hours. I listened to all the dialogue options for story stuff; inquired of everything. This is just the base game's story. If I include the 2 expansions, stories only, it would take probably 50 hours JUST for main story stuff.

150+ hours if you try to do everything for all 3.
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User Info: solid_kush

2 years ago#7
I bought this game on December and I still haven't beat it. I mostly play weekends also, I try to play a little before and after work when I can. Im close to the end, but right now I'm clearing all the "?" Marks on the map because I'm a completionist and I'm also trying to finish The hearts of stone DLC before I beat the main storyline.

Feels like a lifetime to complete, but this game is so good I don't mind if it takes me 300hrs to complete

User Info: solid_kush

2 years ago#8
Then when I'm done with HoS dlc and the main storyline, I'll still have the blood a wine dlc to complete. So I'll probably be done with this game by either july or August at the pace that I'm going, maybe lol.

User Info: AdrianBeterson

2 years ago#9
Main quest took me 100 hours.

Main quest + both DLC took me 150 hours.

User Info: Zafire063

2 years ago#10
I have beaten the main storyline, Hearts of Stone, and I'm now halfway through Blood and Wine. Done every single sidequest available to me, collected every point of interest (the ?s on the map), and collected every Gwent card, including all of the Skellige deck. I've played 147 hours so far.

You could probably zerg through the main story in about 40-50 hours if you were so inclined but you would miss a lot. You could potentially get some extra character deaths or bad endings, and you'd miss out on a lot of achievements/trophies.
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