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User Info: eiriankageno

2 years ago#31

Totally my favorite character so I'm cool with that. Not sure how he'd play out... sorcerer and.... beserker maybe? I always made him a dread fighter. But if that's not an option I'm sure I'll still have something awesome.
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User Info: Serenitys_Cat

2 years ago#32
Adean from FE4

My favorite character in the entire franchise. She also fits my preference for a Mirage to a tee. She's awesome, she's gorgeous, she's a healer and a crazy magic user, and her game has some of the prettiest staffs in the series. The only way this could have been better was if it was Thracia 776's magnificently overpowered staff godliness.

Of course, if her main class was FE4 Sage for healing and anima magic and her subclass was FE5 High Priest for healing, light magic, and Thracia staffs....
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User Info: RaveMasterSol

2 years ago#33
Number090684 posted...
Ike. My favorite. If they make a sequel he should be the next main character's mirage.

My thoughts exactly.

User Info: Realag666

2 years ago#34
Sain would be Fav since he helps me hitting on the ladies :D
Lyn or Hector as second option for a katana or a axe badass.

Btw, are all character Mirages from either FE Awakening and FE Shadow Dragon?
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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

2 years ago#35
Lyn. Her specialty will be the ability to go into...

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User Info: Sunbomb47

2 years ago#36
Micaiah. . .
I don't know if this is good or bad but at least I actually like Micaiah

User Info: FoxyGlaceon

2 years ago#37

That might get.. Interesting.
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User Info: AwesomeAussie27

2 years ago#38

I guess that means I don't exist.

User Info: Voltyr

2 years ago#39
Lucius, lol. I like him.
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User Info: KurzWeber72

2 years ago#40
I got worried for a second when I thought of Azura, but then I remembered that she has no character so I'm safe
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