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User Info: NE_OC

2 months ago#11
Nin_Myski posted...
And for true level, my G2-Buster’s name contain « 40 »
So I guessed it isn’t the best possible?
Exactly. The numbers in the Skell gear are…
15: only obtainable if you steal the gear from the flight test Skell.
20: gear for the defaul Skell, found on weak enemies
30 & 40: gear for Lv30 Skells
50 & 60: gear for Lv50 Skells. This is as good as far as equipment drops go.
70 & 80: Superweapons and other craftable equipment gets these numbers. They can be equipped in Lv50 Skells though. Or Lv60, I forgot.

Terragent posted...
NE_OC posted...
The only thing the Skell weight determines is the fall speed, fuel consumption, and ability to equip certain armor. Everything else is just trends (light skells being higher evasion, heavies having more fuel and HP, and that sort of thing that isn't intrinsically tied to weight)

Mediums having an extra 3000GP innately is kind of a big deal, mind.
Eh, I threw that under the "trends" label since you can increase GP.

Though, to this day, I have no idea what weight class Ares is. I'm under the impression that it's Medium?
Either way, yeah, Lailah and Inferno having 6000 GP by default is a ridiculously good boon.
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  3. [Help!] Am I ready for chapter 12?
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