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User Info: TheReaSolCutter

6 years ago#1
everyone should check out the 7.5 nwr review. dude was incredibly lazy with the review and a few people pointed that out. then all his buddies rage at the questioners and have a meltdown saying how dare anyone point out lazy review was lazy. outstanding reading


User Info: xXDa-KidXx

6 years ago#2
Yeah it's pretty bad.
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User Info: magiccube4527

6 years ago#3
Man, if you want to see video game review drama, that's the place to see it XD
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User Info: mynameisvalet

6 years ago#4
NWR is trash, and has been for years.
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User Info: TheReaSolCutter

6 years ago#5
the staff is pissed at being accused of clickbait. i guess they didn't notice in the last month they posted two articles called 'mario kart 8's gamepad use is disappointing' and 'why i'm not excited for mario kart 8'. no, those aren't click-baity in the LEAST! lol

User Info: SpacePirateKhan

6 years ago#6
The score seems a bit lowball, but some of the complaints sound valid.
I liked Battle Mode arenas...
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User Info: Ganiam

6 years ago#7
Those seem like fair arguments

User Info: SpunkySix

6 years ago#8
The review itself seems fine, the numbers just don't match up.

"This game is beautiful and the courses are awesome, 7.5."
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User Info: KingIceSonic

6 years ago#9
Lol at them taking down the video. Lol at them trying to defend the reviewer

If you make a bad review, exoect a low score
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User Info: TheReaSolCutter

6 years ago#10
yeah, the original review video was sad. the review is sort of okay but skips a bunch of stuff that's new in mk8 and then slams the game for not being new enough. like the reviewer was marathoning mk wii and mk 7 last month then realized he was sick of mk by the time 8 came out.
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