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User Info: pikachu936

7 years ago#1
This is all the info we currently know as of 3rd April 2014

Most of the information in this topic is from the following links:
2013 E3 debut video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA6CAgv6p6g
2013 E3 developer direct: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NARhOONsTLY
December 2013 Nintendo Direct video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mU7tXqYplA8
February 2014 Nintendo Direct video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=631c1fz87I8
April 2014 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__qp9iPKeNs

***Release Date***
Japan - 29th May 2014
North America - 30th May 2014
Europe - 30th May 2014.
Australia - 31st May 2014

***General Details***

- This game returns to 12 player racers, like Mario Kart Wii. The scoring system in GP mode seems to mirror Mario Kart Wii's.
- Split screen gameplay returns. The screen is split vertically in 2-player games this time.
- Online gameplay returns.
- Bikes return from Mario Kart Wii. They can also change up to orange-spark miniturbos now, but they seem to have lost their ability to wheelie at will.
- Kart customization, Gliding, Underwater driving and tricks return from Kart 7.
- Coins return in races, they still seem to give players a speed boost. It is unknown if they'll also be used for unlocking parts as they were used for in Mario Kart 7. There seems to be a cap of 10 per race again.
- Antigravity is a new feature. This allows karts to drive on their side or upside-down, if the track allows it. Colliding with another character during this will give you a speed boost.
- Characters seem to hold items in their hand, as they do in Double Dash.
- The kart can be controlled by by tilting the gamepad.
- Confirmed controls include; Gamepad, Wii Remote, Wii-U Pro controller and Wii Wheel.
- The Gamepad during races can display a map of the track, and positions of all the racers, as the bottom screen did in Mario Kart 7.
- According to the Developer Direct, Miiverse can be used to "host tournaments, set rules, and play with friends and others in the community."
- A new feature called Mario Kart TV is in. After a match ends, the game can create a 30 second highlight reel. This replay data can be shared on Miiverse.

The following characters are confirmed to be in the game:

Donkey Kong
Koopa Troopa
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Peach
Baby Daisy
Shy Guy
Metal Mario

Larry Koopa
Morton Koopa Jr.
Wendy O Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Roy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Ludwig Koopa

Continued next post...
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User Info: pikachu936

7 years ago#2
***New Tracks***

Mushroom Cup -
- Mario Kart Stadium: A stadium track, not unlike the Wario and Waluigi stadium games from previous games. Likely to be easier, however, as it's the first track in the game.
- Water Park: A theme park track where the racers drive on a roller coaster track. The track goes underwater at some point, and gliders have to dodge a ferris wheel with Wario's logo on it.
- Sweet sweet Canyon: A stage filled with sweets. Many references to Peach and Daisy can be seen throughout the track.
- Thwomp Ruins: A track racing through some ruins. Thwomps and rolling rocks can be seen here.

Flower cup -
- Mario Circuit: The Mobius Strip track seen in the first trailer. Has Peach's castle in the middle, like most Mario Circuit tracks
- Toad Harbor: A stage where you race through the streets of a city. Trams appear in the second half of the race. A large statue of Peach can be seen on an island in the ocean.
- Twisted Mansion: A stage where you race through a mansion filled with Boos. It contains an underwater section filled with Fishbones.
- Shy Guy Falls: A track where the racers drive down a waterfall and glide off. Antigravity is used to drive back up to the top of the falls.

Star Cup -
- Sunshine Airport: An airport stage. Involves driving through the airport lobby and out onto the runway, while gliding past planes that are taking off and landing.
- Electrodrome: A dark city which has a resemblance of Mario Kart 7's Music Park. Likely based on the Koopalings. Confirmed to be a star cup track.

Unknown Cup -
- Bone Dry Dunes: A desert track, with some paths made out of bones. A giant Dry Bowser skull can be seen here.
- Cloudtop Cruise: A track racing on the cloudtops, and through some of Bowser's Airships. It seems to be based on the Gusty Garden Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy.
- Dolphin Shoals: A track named in Sunshine Airport. A screenshot of this track was revealed after the February 2014 Nintendo Direct. Seems to be a standard water track based on the Dolphins.

***Retro Tracks***
Shell Cup -
Wii Moo Moo Meadows
DS Cheep-Cheep Beach
N64 Toad's Turnpike

Banana Cup -
GCN Dry Dry Desert
SNES Donut Plains 3
N64 Royal Raceway
3DS Donkey Kong Jungle

Lightning Cup -
DS Tick Tock Clock
N64 Rainbow Road

Unknown Cup -
GBA Mario Circuit
Wii Grumble Volcano
3DS Music Park
3DS Piranha Plant Pipeway

Some of the retro tracks have been modified to support the anti-gravity features in the game.


- Green Shell
- Triple Green Shell
- Red Shell
- Triple Red Shell
- Blue Shell (Wingless)
- Banana
- Triple Banana
- Mushroom
- Triple Mushroom
- Golden Mushroom
- Star
- Lightning
- Fire Flower
- Bob-omb
- Blooper
- Bullet Bill
- Coin


Piranha Plant - Chomps at racers ahead of you, hurting them while pulling you forward. It can also chomp coins to collect them.
Boomerang - An item that can be thrown forward, and it will come back to you. It can be thrown three times. The third time, it won't return to you, and instead will follow the track.
Lucky 8 - An 8 seen in the item roulette. It is unknown what it does at the moment.
Cannon Block - Seen in the item roulette. It is unknown what it does at the moment.

Dragging an item will no longer free up your inventory slot. You may no longer hold more than 1 item at any time.
Items such as the Gold Mushroom now also have a timer, so you can see how long they will last.

Continued next post...
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User Info: pikachu936

7 years ago#3

As mentioned earlier, the ability to customize karts will remain from MK7. It appears to mostly be the same as it was there, with any character able to use any part. Different parts seen in the game so far are as follows;

Bodies (Karts)
- Standard
- Blue and Yellow Jet
- Quad Bike
- Biddybug
- Airship
- Sprinter
- Wiggler (This kart has 4 wheels, but appears to be ridden like a bike)
- A kart that resembles the Wild Wing
- A kart that resembles the Zucchini (Interestingly enough, this one looks like it has 3 wheels)
- A pink kart shaped like a cat.
- A yellow and purple kart shaped like a shoe.

Bodies (Bikes)
- Standard
- Turbine
- Rocket
- A bike that resembles the Bolt Buggy
- A bike that resembles the Mach Bike
- A bike that resembles the blue and yellow jet kart
- A bike with a flame paint pattern, driven by Waluigi in the February 2014 trailer.

- Standard
- Slim
- Monster
- Yellow Monster
- Roller
- Tiny Red
- New wooden
- New Slim

- Super
- Paraglider
- Parachute

***List of Contributors***

If I've forgotten you on this list, feel free to say, and I'll add you in the next version.

Also, it's quite likely that I've have missed something, so if you see anything not listed, please point it out. :)
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User Info: Heroic_Teddy

7 years ago#4
While nothing too overly importantly, triple bananas rotate around you now.

Yoshi, on the royal raceway clip, has a flower glider (Looks like a dandelion :37 in the trailer).

On Toad Turpike, the koopaling is driving what looks like a submarine looking kart (:49 in the trailer)

In Donut Plains 3, Toadette is riding some sort of bear-looking kart?? (:55 in the trailer)

Speculation wise:
Also, the clip at 1:31, at first I thought it was Moonview highway, but could it be a night time mushroom ridge?
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User Info: Nextgrandcross

7 years ago#5
Yeah I seen a Bullet Bill or Torpedo Ted like kart body as well as a Teddy Bear looking one.

And I still doubt this is all the characters coming, through we likely won't learn till May, I can expect I launch trailer possibly showing whoever's left.
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User Info: Tales_of_101

7 years ago#6
New Bowser glider in this video


User Info: greatdimentio

7 years ago#7
If I'm not mistaken, during the intro scene for GBA Mario Circuit, the raised section is being raised up. It seems to not effect the race as it happens beforehand, but it's a neat detail nonetheless.
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User Info: pikachu936

7 years ago#8
Alright, noted all of these down. If you could find a video with that Bullet bill kart though, that'd be excellent.
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User Info: pikachu936

7 years ago#9
Quick note to scratch Moonview Highway, as it turns out, the clip was from Toad's Turnpike, and they look quite similar now.

Pesky graphical track updates.
(>-'.'-)> 2 Kirbies went into a food store, the next day the store went bankrupt. <(-'.'-<)
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User Info: BAMX

7 years ago#10
Not that this should come as any surprise to anyone, but this GameSpot preview confirms that there is a new Rainbow Road, and it is, as always, the final course. No footage or screens of it exist, though.

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