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Suggestion: My Games should (optionally) display the region in list view.Soluzar38/4/2013
Petition: Better notification of private messages
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Suggestion: If you're using throwback mode come ITTSlayer28/3/2013
Suggestion: User level requirements for non-gaming topical boards
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Suggestion: Increasing the text formatting options with HTML tags.Human-Bean48/2/2013
Suggestion: Optional Forum option to see Topics update in real-timeKaliesto68/2/2013
Petition: Allow FAQs for games following the Minecraft sales modelgrand_commander68/2/2013
Petition: Mobile/App Gaming board...pionear48/2/2013
Suggestion: Give review authors the ability to remove a score from a reviewFieryterminator18/1/2013
This really needs to be implemented NOW!shiffty8857/31/2013
Suggestion: Place usertags on the topiclist pagepaulo_yamato47/30/2013
Suggestion: Make the 'More topics from this board' feature respect my block listBewmHedshot27/29/2013
Fix is so that sites ending in ) workOgurisama27/28/2013
Suggestion: Rep systemblazin_azn11757/28/2013
Suggestion: Being able to view the number of times a user has been modded.Ironcondorz17/26/2013
Suggestion: Link to the main Character Battle IX page from the Poll Resultssuperange12827/25/2013
Suggestion: Change order to release date in "My games"Alcogod27/23/2013
Suggestion For the Boardsmbruno347/23/2013
Suggestion: Be able to fully block someoneSockNight97/23/2013
Suggestion: Display a games rating in the lists when browsingLegendary_Ghost47/22/2013
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