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Alteration of game rating systemsilvermaiden85/4 10:40PM
Be able to use the apostrophe in titles.TrainerNeo_0275/3 2:03AM
we need the ability to report topics without having to click on themCrimsonGear8054/27 2:44PM
Reporting s*** posters.i love star ocean 264/26 6:06AM
Remove bypassed words in linksoverphx54/25 4:32PM
PETITION: Rename CE from Current Events to Cheap Entertainmentgreencheek14/24 12:02PM
Make it so you can abstain from some of the battles in the pollsRedwinevino74/23 9:40PM
Make the temporary IP ban for repeated HTTPS requests more lenientYellow44/21 7:29PM
Board specific signatures, random sigs, auto sigs. (level restricted?)Notti84/17 11:27AM
Could gf possibly put a system in place to tag Corona virus topics?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
itachi15243214/16 7:03PM
Suggestion: A 1 account per person or IP.lilhurk198518744/16 4:15PM
What's with the persistent "Manage Cookies" bubble?Martin Pagan34/14 11:42AM
Allow all caps to be used in poll optionsLangrisser94/13 12:58PM
Suggestion: If yu block someone, they should be removed from following you.thatauthor34/12 2:12AM
This site should make it so you can block a user by just clicking on their name.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
CwebbMichSac4324/10 6:25PM
Make Q&A have a limit on the amount of numbers allowed in postsDiduXD54/10 8:38AM
Add the number of badges to a user's badge page-hotdogturtle--64/7 12:32PM
disable the ability to mention users who have hidden a topicGunMage_Author74/6 5:47AM
maybe set some minimum objective standards as requirements for uploading screens
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
treos2154/6 1:51AM
Friend (and other) list suggestionsTyranthraxus24/5 12:49PM
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