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User Info: crazyisgood

1 month ago#1
It would be cool to have a board dedicated to talking about this stuff. One to go to where people getting into this hobby can ask questions.
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User Info: TrainerNeo_02

1 month ago#2
You can use this link to make your own!

User Info: Mookiethebold

1 month ago#3
it's alright for you

User Info: Optimus Magnus

Optimus Magnus
1 month ago#4
Aaayyy that's my board. Yeah, after making it I ended up not having the time to dedicate to collecting content and drawing traffic to it and I just sort of forgot about it. You're free to start posting stuff to it as long as you follow the basic site rule for Offensive content (no nudity, sexual acts, or watermarks that lead to offensive content) and source the model/artist.
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  3. Create a cosplay/convention board
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