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  3. Can we go back to the old way reviews look using stars?

User Info: 16-BITTER

2 weeks ago#11
At the very least it needs some consistency.

If you look at say, my review for Warning Forever, at the bottom it shows both stars and the number:


Then you go to the game's review page, and it just shows the number:


Then you go to my contributor page, and it just shows the stars:


And then you go to my contributor/reviews page, and it just shows the numbers!


I personally think it should show both the stars and the Metacritic-esque number: that way you get both a visual and numerical representation and there is no confusion.
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(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: Eevee-Trainer

2 weeks ago#12
Lightwarrior11 posted...
The design before the hearts (which just said "#/10" down the right side in plain font) was the best.
I actually like this new design more than the hearts (since with the hearts it was tricky to see exactly how many hearts each review gave, so e.g. sometimes I thought I saw a 5 when it was actually a 7, etc., and it was slower to scan the scores section w/ my eyes), but do not like how each review takes up 2 lines instead of 1 line now (too cluttered, more difficult to scan w/ your eyes for just dates, just usernames, or just taglines). Also, what is the point of using a decimal point for a #.#/5 rating when you could just use a round number for a #/10 rating? Drop the decimal point if it isn't essential, I say.
Honestly, I'm so used to seeing "xx/10" for reviews that it's a habit I stubbornly put in my own few reviews, and on the off-chance I make more I will insist on doing so. The out-of-10 system is significantly more common in my experience, and the current formatting doesn't even make it clear that a 3.5 is 3.5/5, not 3.5/10 as many would be expecting.

Why the hell they went with x/5 is beyond me, but at least the old format was visual. This current format is outright ambiguous. The oldest style (outright showing xx/10) would be best, but the previous one is also fine for me (though they really should change the rest of the site accordingly, e.g. 3.5 hearts being 7/10 and not 3.5/5).
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User Info: SBAllen

1 week ago#13
We've reverted back to X/10 for reviews. We actually used to do this before but changed it to a 5 point scale to match the heart icons that we've done away with. We also went through and removed the stars in the places they remained to make the scoring system more consistent across the site.

As for the redesign, the idea is to make the review list much more mobile friendly than it was before. Back when the site had its last big redesign, mobile browsing was still more of a novelty than the norm. Nowadays, mobile traffic far surpasses desktop, so we're auditing certain pages that perform and function poorly on mobile and redesigning them. Eventually we'd like to redesign the whole site, but in the meantime we can at least fix some of the more egregious pages.

The change to a number with a colored background was to make it easier at a glance to see the scope of the scores that the game got. Scanning the heart icons and trying to process it was a chore. Now you see more green, it generally got more favorable reviews. We also added the sorting options that previously didn't exist, so you can browse the highest/lowest/etc scores in that manner.

As for the list being longer, it is a basic necessity for a site to function well on mobile where a densely packed table is hard to read and hard to tap the correct item.
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User Info: 16-BITTER

1 week ago#14
SBAllen posted...
Scanning the heart icons and trying to process it was a chore.
I personally disagree, but the nods to consistency and return to the 10-scale help, thanks.
The folks who know about frostiness stay frostiest the most.
You know, the new design is actually growing on me.
I thought this might happen.
The change happened. I waited a few days. I still didn't like it. I complained in this thread. Then another few days passed.
And I'm not sure if it's just the passage of time, or SBAllen's honest and straightforward explanation of the rationale for every issue we complained about, but now I look back at the user ratings page and the review page, and I actually like almost everything I see.
The pixelart cardiograph, battery reading, and racing flags, that grow/increase as you scroll over them to represent difficulty, game length, and completion status? Those are actually brilliant, a fun metaphor for each gameplay aspect, and a definite improvement over the clocks and fruit and maybe even the smiley faces.
And the green, red, and yellow review scores actually create a very attractive looking page now.

Only thing I'm still missing is the numerical score and ownership stats associated with the game on its home page. I know we can still find those elsewhere (like by clicking the "More statistics and details" link). Maybe I will get used to that with time...

User Info: dolphinmage

1 week ago#16
SBAllen posted...
We've reverted back to X/10 for reviews.

That's much better.

User Info: threetimes

1 week ago#17
The problem with this new system is that it's hard to see all reviews and select one to read for games that have a lot of reviews. You have to scroll a long way down the page. And it just looks ugly... The old way was much more streamlined and easy to navigate. Reverting to points out of 10 makes sense.
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User Info: Devin Morgan

Devin Morgan
1 week ago#18
The games with hundreds of reviews still had that many with the old format too, and those pages were just as long to scroll through. I don't think improved readability (especially on mobile which most people are browsing from these days) should be considered a negative.
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