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User Info: Hasshiro

3 weeks ago#21
I don't cheat. I play by house rules.

User Info: cloque

3 weeks ago#22
Who thought that this is good?


User Info: Ergonpandilus

3 weeks ago#23
This is much worse. This new ranking feels a lot like "dumbed down version" and I hate how I cannot click and go to the rankins page now through it.

Ps. I just created my account just to say this!

User Info: pleaserecycle

3 weeks ago#24
Please revert to the previous display... this one is clunky.


User Info: SS4Moku

3 weeks ago#25
It was beauty that killed the beast... https://i.imgur.com/qWfPgcb.gif
https://card.psnprofiles.com/1/SS4Moku.png https://backloggery.com/SS4Moku

User Info: Zantar_16

3 weeks ago#26
Thank You GameFaqs!

You've granted my request with the inclusion of number of votes under the stars. I also love how it shows the numeric rating when hovering over. I even prefer this new format over the previous numeric format.

My suggestion has been fulfilled and this discussion can be closed now.

(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: MrX1988

3 weeks ago#27
The old system was still way better, but at least we can now see the non dumbed down rating.
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