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User Info: Kahran042

1 week ago#1
I feel that in-depth guides should be dedicated to examining specific game mechanics or elements, and that challenge guides don't really fit that. So I propose that a new section be added to FAQ pages especially for challenge guides, and possibly another one for game scripts.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

1 week ago#2

It'd also be a good means to allow challenge guides in general again since AFAIK they're rarely allowed
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User Info: 16-BITTER

1 week ago#3

I like this idea, but it would take a lot of work to have it implemented (someone would have to manually go to every game with at least one in-depth guide and separate the challenge guides by context, as not all of them have "challenge" in the name) so it probably won't happen.
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User Info: ironyisntdead

1 week ago#4

User Info: TriforceSD

6 days ago#5
A major sign!

That would be very nice.
It would be a daunting task. But I wonder if there would be a way to allow us to submit requests to move existing challenge guides to the new section? Users are what made the site what it was so we can help make this possible too. :)
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  3. Separate challenge guides from in-depth guides.
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