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User Info: ohnoitschris

3 weeks ago#1
Because half of the internet's finally figured out that blasting searing white into our eyes isn't great, especially for night posting and OLED screens. Let's get some night mode up in this b****

User Info: Kratos15354

3 weeks ago#2
Scroll down to the bottom and click the "Change Colors" link, then choose one of the schemes on the right.

User Info: vlado_e

3 weeks ago#3
You mean like this?

You can change the colour scheme at any time. Been around a decade since we had them, at least.

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User Info: TriforceSD

3 weeks ago#4
In the other similar thread, I posted that I'd love to have more options and more colors, including changing the font to a different color. Some more background color options even..
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