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User Info: FatRatKnight

1 week ago#1
Basically, the main idea:
  • Allow for a way that guide authors can share editor access to their HTML guides.

I am well aware that the markups from plain text files can be used to produce an HTML output, and those markups can be shared as normal. However, there are features of the editor that simply aren't possible through the markups. Those features would be lovely to share. I also see no way to produce anything like the markups from the HTML editor base, so that work well established with the editor can't be readily converted to something shareable with another author.

The size of some guides can be rather monumental. I have my motive for asking for this feature: With an upcoming game, I'm expecting to attempt a repeat performance of another 1000k+ size guide as a result. My motivation did run out on the previous guide, and with the new title sparking new interest in getting a new guide out, I have some concern I will have a repeat loss in motivation as the only one with direct edit access to the guide. A second writer should hopefully provide a lighter workload, but as long as the online HTML editor for the guide is restricted to just one user, I will not have this assurance someone will be there to help maintain such a large project. I don't rely on only myself.

Of course, my motive is not your motive. Regular users who don't write guides wouldn't be using this feature themselves. In fact, many guides are probably just fine being maintained by a single author. However, for the larger walkthroughs and guides out there, it would help increase their potential quality if a pair of authors can both work on the online editor, rather than put 100% of the editing load on just one user. And in turn, those regular users would be viewing the results of the multi-author guide. So if the project can be enhanced by giving edit access to multiple selected users, then we enhance the experience of anyone seeking help from the guide.

In the past, we had a sort of a wiki guide thing going. It did sort of fall apart somewhere, I'm not entirely sure why. It was essentially a public access editor with monitoring by the GameFAQs staff. At least, from what I remember. So in the past, the site has dealt with multiple users working on the same guides. I'm not asking for another public access edit, apparently that failed or I'd still be seeing it. I'm asking for a shared private access edit, and one that hopefully won't put some workload on the moderation staff.

We can share text files just fine. We can even share whatever features the markups expose. One step further, can we also share the online editor access? If this is already possible, please let us know how, as I haven't found this answer after asking and looking around.

Oh, and sharing my user password to someone else is not a solution I seek. I mean, giving away my account would work. Just that there's a few problems with that idea, no matter how much I trust the recipient.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

1 week ago#2
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