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User Info: Atreides27

2 weeks ago#1
Would it be at all possible to have an alt user mapping system? I barely trust any user anymore because I don't know if they're fabricating an argument to rile up the masses or troll or just make it seem like their idea has more support than it actually does. Anonymity remains but it would be great to be able to know which users are abusing the system. Even just prevalent users that mass post with various accounts. It would promote more trust on GameFAQs.

Or are alt's a feature of GameFAQ's?
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

2 weeks ago#3
Atreides27 posted...
Would it be at all possible to have an alt user mapping system?
Not one that would be reliable in any sense you're trying to use it in.

Atreides27 posted...
Or are alt's a feature of GameFAQ's?
GameFAQs doesn't mind the use of alts so long as they're not being used maliciously. Which would also be why I'd be against this feature, since you'll be revealing alts of people who mean neither you nor anyone else ill will and just use alts for fun or whatever they choose to do with them.
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User Info: gmo7897

2 weeks ago#4
This won’t happen.
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