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User Info: ArchonKnight

3 weeks ago#1
I know there are resolution specifications for the site's photo uploader and embedding, but can we relax it a bit some way? For some reason it constantly automatically rotates any pictures I take and upload to be on its side. Even if I go to crop it and try to make it rightside up it will still post it sideways. I end up just not even using it.
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User Info: TimeSquid

3 weeks ago#2
This has never happened to me and it would probably cause problems with the photo embedding. Try asking about this on ask the mods.
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User Info: vlado_e

3 weeks ago#3
This sounds like a mismatch between the image data and the image metadata. One says the image is rotated, the other doesn't.

I've encountered this before and it was common with some software. I'm not quite sure but might have been images from Macs. Or maybe it was something different but there was something that commonly updated the image metadata (IIRC) with the wrong information about the image.

EDIT: also, at any rate - doesn't seem like something belonging on Site Suggestions but perhaps on Message Board Help. Might even be worth filling in a support ticket.
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