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  3. Can we get a notification anytime we get quoted?

User Info: Notti

1 year ago#11
I think it's a good idea because the boards should be encouraging people to re-engage with comments they have made.

It's about user-retention and encouraging back and forth.


The simple way it should work is any quote will have the @ sign.

But if you turn it off, any time you are quoted the @ sign will not appear. Which I would expect people who post a lot to turn it off.
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User Info: HipsterSora

1 year ago#12

should be made a setting, would save me a lot of time personally.
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User Info: MudKip_Master

1 year ago#13
I think it would be a nice option.

User Info: gmo7897

1 year ago#14
Thunderbird8 posted...
The current quote system was not in place the last time this came around, I think. Having a notification with that setup was pretty much impossible. It is likely more feasible now.
Basically this. I’m not sure how the new system works, but it’s possible that with some of the updates, this could be more feasible. The feature as a whole seems a bit more robust than the initial release.

I don’t remember the admins stating they were against this idea before - just that it wasn’t possible at that time. That’s why this suggestion hasn’t been closed.
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User Info: TimeSquid

11 months ago#15
MudKip_Master posted...
I think it would be a nice option.

Your the TC. Of course you do. Did you mean to say this on your alt?
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User Info: ClunkerSlim

11 months ago#16
MudKip_Master posted...
I think it would be a nice option.
I actually love this idea. There's nothing wrong with giving people more options. Turn it off if you don't like it. Reddit already provides this and it works fantastically well.

It would be helpful in cases where you went away and the thread ballooned up by like 300 posts. Instead of scanning half a dozen pages to see if anyone replied to your post you could instead just get a quick notification. This feature would be very useful to people with 200+ active posts.

User Info: firedraco2

11 months ago#17
As long as it's optional.
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User Info: MudKip_Master

11 months ago#18
Please make it happen!

User Info: OrdonGoatCheese

11 months ago#19
Conditional sign, what TheReasoner1 said.
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User Info: WeAreThomasina

11 months ago#20
Great idea, I support it.

It encourages more interaction, rather than people jumping into a topic, posting a single sentence, and then never returning when someone responds to them or asks for elaboration.

I post on another board that has it and it's great.
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