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User Info: lucthelad

1 week ago#1
There will always be a significant toxicity problem as long as gamefaqs continues to do both of the following:

1) Not KOSing (killing-on-sight) IP addresses of banned accounts.
2) Limiting the Ignore list.

300 Ignores would be sufficient if it meant ignoring 300 people, but it means ignoring 300 accounts. Trolls, meaning bullies/psychopaths who feel sadistic delight upon upsetting others, will make dozens of accounts. They won't stop. They won't suddenly grow consciences and the capacity to feel remorse. If each troll makes just 10 accounts, that means you are only actually ignoring 30 people with that ignore list of 300.

I would say the real root of the problem is not KOSing IP addresses of banned accounts. The Ignore list is a feeble attempt to try and mitigate the toxicity that results thereof. I know the limit on the Ignore list was 100 and now it's 300, but even increasing it to 1000 won't be enough without enforcing any sort of KOSing policy.

I've seen both of these suggestions be made multiple times over several years, and every time they are met with derision and snide remarks. I fully expect the moderators and administrators to bury their heads in the sand yet again and recede into their echo chambers where they insist that gamefaqs' policies are automatically perfect no matter what, but I'm saying it anyways because it needs to be said.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

1 week ago#2
lucthelad posted...
1) Not KOSing (killing-on-sight) IP addresses of banned accounts.

These days, this is pointless. You can switch IPs with at most minimal effort, if not have it done automatically. KOSing IPs also runs into issues with dynamic IPs: if you randomly get someone's banned IP, you're f***ed on those merits regardless of what you've done.

lucthelad posted...
2) Limiting the Ignore list.

I do wonder why the ignore list, or any of the lists (friends, tags, etc.) really, are limited. I'm totally fine with the limits being bumped or having the cap removed altogether (though I'm nowhere near the cap on any of them), but I have to wonder why they were limited in the first place.


That said, I seriously doubt either will properly mitigate the toxicity of the site, even if implemented. Trolls are going to troll; attention whores are going to attention whore; people who harass you don't give two s***s about how many accounts they have to burn to get at you, at least until they get bored or find someone else.

That's nothing to do with GameFAQs, it's just the nature of the internet and anonymity. You can find this s*** on other sites too, to varying degrees. There isn't much GameFAQs can actually do to get rid of them - maybe tie accounts to a reputable email service that isn't free (e.g. not Gmail - more like how NeoGAF used to be with business or school emails), or perhaps cell phone numbers? Harder to get your hands on those, as far as I know anyhow, so people who genuinely don't give a f*** about the site and its user would at least have a reason to rein it in.

lucthelad posted...
I fully expect the moderators and administrators to bury their heads in the sand yet again and recede into their echo chambers where they insist that gamefaqs' policies are automatically perfect no matter what, but I'm saying it anyways because it needs to be said.

I will say this is a good way to get the people who matter to immediately ignore this thread and not care what you have to say, though. Probably not a good idea to act like this.
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User Info: DragonAtma

1 week ago#3
That's not going to work; what the mods really need to do is come down harder on troublesome posts, but every time that's brought up they hem and haw and do nothing. :/
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User Info: vlado_e

1 week ago#4
Eevee-Trainer posted...
These days, this is pointless.

These days? It has always been pointless. At least for singling out individuals and for non-critical blocking. When I say "non-critical" that's compared to somebody trying to take down a service.

But 20+ years ago it was very common to have shared IPs. Banning an IP would bar the access of many people. In fact, that was also used as a form of trolling - make a burner account, get IP banned and take out anybody else on the same IP as you.

Other than shared IPs, you also have proxies. Super common, too and they made bypassing IP bans trivial. Oh, and aided the trolls that got their shared IP banned.

Dynamic IPs have always been popular, too. Slightly more slightly, more recently (so, about 20 years ago) but they've been around as well. Bypassing an IP ban for some literally takes the time for the router to restart. So, what 30 seconds? And they hop on another IP.

Nowadays, there are even more options like VPNs. Not like VPNs are a novel concept, but there are just more services now. And you can also just route the traffic through your phone or something to use a different connection.

So, IP bans have been ineffectual since there have been IP bans. They solve nothing and have never solved anything when it comes to denying one person access to normally using a web service. An IP ban is a nuclear option for stopping somebody abnormally using a service - as I said, like trying to take it down. Even then, it's not the solution to the problem, either, but a band-aid to buy you some time until you can take a better measure. Other reasons to use IP bans is geo blocking. It could be for a business or legal reason (e.g., some US sites block EU access to avoid complying with GDPR), or it might be a defence in depth measure to reduce the attack surface. Also, by blocking some notorious countries, you could reduce the noise in your logs from just a bunch of script kiddies probing your service.

At any rate, again - IP bans for trolls have never been and would never be effective, as the concept is fundamentally unsuited for the task. With IPv6, it becomes even more ridiculous, as each and every gadget in your house might easily get their own IP, so a household can have dozens, a troll can just burn through IPv6 IPs as fast as the service blocks them and still not run out.
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