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  3. Why is the Top 10 list still on the front page for weeks?

User Info: angeldeb82

1 week ago#1
I can see that this Top 10 list has been still on the front page for two weeks now (but why?):


And yet there are three Top 10 lists in the contribution queue that are still awaiting review. I've been wondering if you can review them in the link shown here:


I'm politely awaiting your response.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

1 week ago#2
I feel like this would be better off DMed to Allen or sent in via a feedback ticket. To my understanding the admins have to manually line up the lists to be featured, and I guess if a new list isn't up next in the queue the front page list doesn't change.
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User Info: Lord_Wombat

1 week ago#3
So... what's your suggestion?
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User Info: Devin Morgan

Devin Morgan
1 week ago#4
Please do not make topics about this. The current feature will be updated in the next day.
(edited 1 week ago)
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  3. Why is the Top 10 list still on the front page for weeks?
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