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User Info: Hast4656

4 weeks ago#1
Hi! I'm really new to this board, so I'm really sorry if this question had been previously asked.

I'm using gamefaqs for tracking completed games mostly, but I always wonder: Is there a way to track completed add-ons for games? For example, I completed a game (let's say Horizon Zero Down), but haven't done with the expansion pack with an additional story (The Frozen Wilds). I'd really love to have an opportunity to track such progress. Can you suggest me anything?

User Info: ironyisntdead

4 weeks ago#2
You havent set a signature for the message boards yet

User Info: Eevee-Trainer

4 weeks ago#3
If the expansion/DLC has its own separate listing on the site, you can fill out the My Games stuff like normal. I'm not exactly sure what the criteria are for getting a DLC/expansion listed separately though: it feels like a good chunk aren't, but it's possible that they simply haven't been added to the database (though for as many as I've seen, I feel doubtful).
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