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User Info: Lum_Yatsura

2 weeks ago#11
MorbidEngel posted...
You never know though. It's worked for me on the places I've done it on.

Now that I've had time to think it through, an unobtrusive and optional idea like putting user levels next to names in the inbox has a better chance.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

2 weeks ago#12
I still think it's pointless but I wouldn't be against that, either. I probably wouldn't even notice it after a while.
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User Info: Mauron

1 week ago#13
I think the simplest solution would be to have the sender field display an (M) or (A) tag the same way the topic list currently does.
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User Info: DragonAtma

1 week ago#14
That's not enough; from the main page someone may go "meh, I'll view that message later" and not even see the message list -- or that it's a mod/admin message -- until a couple days later.

So I agree with Lum's idea of having the PM icon itself be a different color, as that would get attention.
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User Info: RaptorLC

1 week ago#15
By and large, the moderators and administrators do not PM users with messages that are urgent for a normal user. If a normal user is PM'ed by the site, it's pretty obvious. And hey, moderators should absolutely know when they're being PM'ed by other moderators, so there is absolutely no need to change the entire site on the off chance that someone can't be bothered to pay attention.

That would just be silly after all, wouldn't it?
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