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User Info: Crash

2 weeks ago#1
I'm proposing the following changes (even though I'm sure the first one has come up previously, I couldn't see any response from the admins shutting it down):

1. Allow spaces in usernames again. I think we all would prefer it if we could have spaces in our names again. My account originally had one, but I "reconciled" it into a new username years ago, but tbh, I miss it and kind of regret changing it now. If this isn't possible due to some coding issue, could we at least get an explanation as to why it won't happen? There obviously has to be some workaround for it as people with spaces currently in their names have the same login name, but with the spaces replaced with underscores.

2. Allow users to change their usernames more than once. Most websites which allow username changes at all don't have this "you can only change it once, and only if your account is ten years old" rule. I could see keeping the ten year thing, maybe lowering it a bit, but couldn't it be more lax re: being able to change it more than once? Like say, once a year, once every two years, or something.

Just thought these were sensible changes, and would love to see them implemented, or at least be given a good explanation as to why they can't happen.

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User Info: LinksDarkArrows

2 weeks ago#2

A once per year name change limit seems reasonable. Username spaces would be nice, albeit less likely. If a name change system is implemented a few bells and whistles might as well be added.

User Info: SoulFox

2 weeks ago#3
The problem with having spaces in usernames is that it can create problems with tagging. Say your username is "Crash Bandicoot", if I tried to tag you, it would look like this: @Crash Bandicoot. Only the first word in the name gets tagged.
The way to fix this is to put an underscore in place of the space, but if someone already took the name "Crash_Bandicoot", they would get tagged instead of you, though they can make it so you are not allowed to get the name "Crash Bandicoot" if someone already has that name with an underscore, that would probably fix the problem.

With that said, I'll sign this mainly for the second suggestion.

User Info: Devin Morgan

Devin Morgan
2 weeks ago#4
1. Spaces in usernames will break various points in the code, and the tagging (mentions) as SoulFox explained above. As for those of us who do have spaces in our names, there were technical exceptions made in the site's code to allow for it. Try tagging me for example: you'll see that an underscore is required, but my name is displayed with the space intact. Either way, we are not making this change.

2. We can possibly consider reducing the 10-year requirement a bit. As for allowing more than one name change, what's the point? In addition to it being kind of a headache to check (lots of places to update/check in the database), there really isn't a need for it. All I could say there is think your name through before creating an account. Creating a new account is easy enough as it is, and frankly I think the need to "reinvent" what your online alias is on that regular of a basis is seen as deceptive.
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