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  3. Idea: remove link to POTD board from POTD page.

User Info: Pitaya

1 month ago#1
I went over there to see how many people were complaining about how many 2's were awkwardly omitted in today's poll, and it seems a lot of regulars there actually detest talking about their board's namesake. Seems kind of misleading to point them to a board that simply doesn't want to talk about it.
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User Info: vlado_e

1 month ago#2
I honestly don't know why the Poll of the Day board exists. It probably served to its purpose at some point in the past but not any more and not for a long time. Yet it's still referenced by the poll page. Moreover, it's (ab)used to be akin to CE or /b/ or whatever - filled with random topics.

For the record, there is another board:


which somehow makes the existence of the other board even sadder.

EDIT: Oh, and *signed* by the way.
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User Info: _Kaz

1 month ago#3
Or enforce the rules for the PotD board.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

1 month ago#4

To recollection, PotD actually has this attitude problem where you might get reamed for actually discussing the poll. It's hilariously stupid. The users basically never talk about the poll, it's not a board about the poll of the day -- it's just another generic social board.

Linking it from the poll as if it IS a place for the poll of the day is just misleading at best.

We should either have it link to the "Actual Poll of the Day" board - which actually discusses the poll - or link to nothing at all.

If the status of the APotD board - that is, being a community board - is somehow an issue, just make it an official board of some sort (no doubt the owner will be willing to discuss this), and either merge or delete the current PotD board (with some other board like RI or CE in the former case). Making it official would actually play nicely into the once-mentioned plans of allowing individual non-Community boards to have leaders and such - the owner of APotD could still retain some control over the board, just now with more direct administrative oversight. Seems like a nice compromise.
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User Info: FarplaneDragon

1 month ago#5
As much as I believe PotD needs to have enforced topicality, I believe the admins have mentioned on previous topics here that they have no intention of enforcing it, changing the link or making a proper board.
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User Info: RaptorLC

1 month ago#6
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