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User Info: DarkTransient

4 weeks ago#1
Currently, yes, you can close your account and make a new one.

But what if someone wants a voluntary-but-enforced break from the site, but doesn't actually want to give up their username / karma / contributor account / etc? I can think of a few well known users that have done this, but later returned, and had to make new accounts.

Currently, the only way this could be achieved (other than just not visiting the site for a while lol) is to calculate exactly what level of violation is needed to get a purg of the right duration - a strategy I'm sure GameFAQs would rather discourage, and isn't exactly reliable in the first place.

So - my suggestion - in addition to the current permanent closure, offer the option to request a temporary closure.
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User Info: Peepa

4 weeks ago#2
Try using your browser/parental control settings and blocking gamefaqs.gamespot.com instead.

User Info: Eevee-Trainer

4 weeks ago#3
Not inherently against this myself, just seems a little absurd to not have the self-control to visit (or avoid visiting) a specific site, and having to have the site force that on you.
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User Info: stahlbaum

4 weeks ago#4
Just log out and exercise self control.

User Info: Devin Morgan

Devin Morgan
4 weeks ago#5
This will not happen.
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