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  3. Make it so you can't Track posts you've created

User Info: DiduXD

1 week ago#1
By that, I mean if it shows your account name as Topic Creator, you shouldn't be able to Track it. Seems a little illogical to be able to Track your own topic when you're most likely already going to get notifications for it.
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First of all, the other notification setting is an optional setting, so even if you turn it off you can still track your own topics to get notifications (and arguably it's even more useful that way, since you can pick and choose which ones to get notifications for, rather than automatically getting all of them).

Furthermore, tracking isn't only used for notifications. It also serves the purpose of curating a custom list of topics on a separate page, so whether you're the TC or not is irrelevant for that purpose.
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User Info: vlado_e

1 week ago#3

If you don't want to track your own topics, then just don't. No need for a technical solution here.
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User Info: ltachi

1 week ago#4
The only thing i recommend is that we should auto-track created topics if this setting is enabled and, therefore, we can untrack own topics whenever we want. However, current setting, if enabled, makes no difference if we track topics or not that it will still hive notifications which is useless.
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  3. Make it so you can't Track posts you've created