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User Info: Emulator

4 weeks ago#11
Crepes posted...
Emulator posted...
Anisoptera posted...

URl shortners obscure what the website is and you need a chrome/firefox extension to preview shortened links.

Now I got what TC meant exactly. Sorry for my misunderstanding. I thought of something else.

Thanks. Apologies for not making it clear in the original post. You’re always welcome to ask me to clarify for what it’s worth in the future.

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User Info: Notti

1 week ago#12
GameFAQs could handle this automatically.

Turn any long link, into a clickable link that wraps to new lines... say every 40 characters.

User Info: TheReasoner1

1 week ago#13
Just allow long links. We don't need buttons.

However, I'd be okay with buttons as long as the URL is always viewable before clicking.

User Info: Crepes

1 week ago#14
Yeah I don't really mind how it's implemented. Just want a better solution.
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