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User Info: Happy1912

1 month ago#21
I like the idea to customize the date but I see where Devin is coming from. But I have a question could there be a beta test for say like the message boards or another area of the site? Just to see how it goes and if it increases load times or not.
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User Info: VS11v

1 month ago#22
Just because GameFAQs is US-based does not mean that it cannot have an option to change the date format. There are gamers from all throughout the world, and most countries use the DD-MM-YYYY format rather than MM-DD-YYYY. Computers and most mobile devices even have an option to change the date format. So why is GameFAQs still MM-DD-YYYY only?
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User Info: ArchonKnight

2 weeks ago#23
Hm. I'm in the US and I'm obviously very accustomed to MM/DD/YY but I do see it as fair to add the option to change to DD/MM for other countries.

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User Info: wellington

2 weeks ago#24
calling all chess fans https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/576430-chess

User Info: SBAllen

2 weeks ago#25
We've removed the coding limitations that prevented this from being possible, so we'll look into offering this. No guarantee, but should be doable now.
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