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User Info: ltachi

1 month ago#21
~peaceful 'sharingan' user~

User Info: Happy1912

1 month ago#22
I think this is a great idea.

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User Info: Megalodon966

1 week ago#23
Great idea. *signs*;u=5951 my Mario Boards profile.
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User Info: Gargomon251

1 week ago#24
vlado_e posted...
Gargomon251 posted...
Can't you just remove it when you change your mind?

That's different in some ways. I may look at a game and determine I don't actually want it. But then I can'd differentiate between it and a game I haven't looked at. So, that's a difference - if you want to know what you don't want versus what you haven't decided on yet.

Whether that is a useful thing would vary between individuals, though.

I see what you mean, Steam has a "not interested" button...
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User Info: Neo_Timeclock

1 week ago#25
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

1 week ago#26
*signs I guess*
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User Info: LumaRosalina

6 days ago#27
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