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User Info: Ben111

4 months ago#1
20 isn’t enough to express all of my complex emotions through emojis. πŸ˜’πŸ˜•πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜“πŸ˜₯😰
Especially when posts are quoted and you have to delete the emojis in the wuote to make room for new emojis 😭😱😭😱😭😀😀😀🀧🀧🀧
It would make A LOT of people happy if the emoji limit was raised 😁😁😁
Also allow emojis to be used in the title
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User Info: FarplaneDragon

4 months ago#2
Good f***ing god no. If anything they should be banned entirely. You're posting on a message board not sending a text message.
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User Info: HipsterSora

4 months ago#3
I don't care for emojis but I don't see why there needs to be a limit of any kind

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User Info: Emulator

4 months ago#4
You don't need to give your emotions all the time. You must focus on text information.
Anyway, i'll sign for this.
I guess 30 is enough for you.

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User Info: Emulator

4 months ago#5
And for titles. I don't like the idea as it takes more characters (I guess). Moreover, titles character limit is 80 characters. You can give emojis in message instead of titles.

"It is not death I fear, I just fear doing nothing in life!"

User Info: Lord_Wombat

4 months ago#6
FarplaneDragon posted...
Good f***ing god no.

This. There is ansolutely zero reason to use anywhere near 20, let alone more than that.

I know this isnt a serious topic, but still...

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User Info: DragonAtma

4 months ago#7

The appropriate limit for emojis is zero.
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User Info: Switchgamer

4 months ago#8
Hell no, if anything I'd BAN them.

User Info: Happy1912

4 months ago#9
20 is plenty tbh. If it came down to it it could be lowered to 5 or 10 emojis.

Sure I like using them but not to the point where one will get a wall of emojis. 5-6 are fine.

Also this was a suggestion that was brought up at an earlier date as well. With almost the same topic title.

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User Info: Umbreon

4 months ago#10
There's a lot I can say regarding this subject and your post, but for the sake of avoiding a moderation I'm just going to say....


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