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User Info: Revegelance

4 months ago#11
TheReasoner1 posted...
HipsterSora posted...
or rather when someone posts a picture that is super wide and tall and ends up taking up an entire screen, shrink that down.

*sign* for this

I also sign this.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

4 months ago#12
Questionmarktarius posted...
Seeing as the boards are using some sort of "loader" script to display them, and only imgtc and giffycat work anyway, there could be some sort arrangement with Ray for a method to at least 'thumbnail' bigass images.

@Ray_Dorset thoughts?
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User Info: Ray_Dorset

4 months ago#13
It's the image dimensions that are an issue more than the filesize itself? The former should be pretty image to restrict here, just adding a max-width setting to the embedded images would do it I think. I am working on resize options for imgtc though as well, that's one of the features I will be adding.
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User Info: TriforceSD

4 months ago#14
I'll sign...
Tho I'm not sure what a good max size should be.
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User Info: wellington

4 months ago#15
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User Info: arleas

4 months ago#16
Make it an option that you can choose and that's something I could agree to.

If you made it a static max size for everyone, then it might still be too big for someone on a low resolution screen or it might be pretty tiny on a high resolution screen...but as an option you can set, cool.

Actually from the days when I used the text to image extension I could easily set the max size and give a separate size for mouseover when I wanted to see it bigger. Something similar could be done here.
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  3. Enforce a maximum picture size for imbedding
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