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User Info: Emulator

5 months ago#11
"It is not death I fear, I just fear doing nothing in life!"

User Info: Ludwig Von 2

Ludwig Von 2
5 months ago#12
That would be cool.

My luck works best when things are... random. Mat Cauthon from The Dragon Reborn

User Info: Oldmang

5 months ago#13

Sounds good to me.
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User Info: Anisoptera

5 months ago#14

I don't want to see some nasty topic title.
I want to make music that gives people a warm and fuzzy, happy feeling inside. That's what the music I love does for me.

User Info: Bass_X0

5 months ago#15
"Well, it's not a bad game. It's made by Capcom, so how could it?" ~ AVGN

User Info: WoIverine

5 months ago#16

User Info: HipsterSora

5 months ago#17

gets real messy around the time of trailers, and I feel this would reduce the amount of time people spend on bait while adding to discussion of genuine topics
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