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User Info: Painted_Fish

6 months ago#1
We can already hide our recent posts and stuff, we should be able to hide this as well. Please and thank you!
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

6 months ago#2
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User Info: Emulator

6 months ago#3

Privacy settings must have this option!
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User Info: Hardkoroff

6 months ago#4

User Info: Chillpanzee

6 months ago#5
Why exactly?
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User Info: deltadan

6 months ago#6

User Info: Notti

6 months ago#7
How about an option where it only updates 1 time a day? And it says something like "active recently" (covers a 48 hour period), rather than 100% invisibility?

Or another way to do it: Remove the time of day, but leave the date? Which should only update once a day. (at karma time? Because, if you get a karma that tells you that the account was active that day, or, you also have to make karrma hidden)

I think there is value in letting us know someone isn't totally gone from the boards.
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User Info: DiduXD

6 months ago#8
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User Info: HashtagTartarus

6 months ago#9

Makes it hard to stalk people

User Info: FarplaneDragon

6 months ago#10
HashtagTartarus posted...

Makes it hard to stalk people

It's almost like people don't want to be stalked. Strange.
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