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User Info: DartDragoon

7 months ago#1
Can you back the f*** down with all these Fortnite headlines ?

"Fortnite's Spray And Pray Meta Is A Problem",
"Fortnite Gets A Back Bling Hotfix, Here's Why",
"With Fortnite's Android Release, Epic Will Skip Google Play"
"Fortnite's Grenade Bug Is Making One Challenge Very Difficult To Complete"
"Fortnite's Challenge Guide Week 5: Secret Road Trip For Free Battle Pass Tier (Season 5)"
"Full Fortnite 5.20 Patch Notes: New Double Barrel Shotgun, Steady Storm LTM, Aim Bug Fix, And More"
"Fortnite Challenge Guide Season 5: Rift Portals, Snobby Shores Treasure Map, And More"
and the list goes on and on

Jesus christ, who the f*** cares ! That's not newsworthy AT ALL. At least give us an option to filter that s***
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User Info: M0NSTER_

7 months ago#2
I'm a little more tired of having spoilers in the headlines ruining tv shows I watch.

User Info: SBAllen

7 months ago#3
GameSpot news is up to the whims of the GameSpot editorial team and not really something we can control.
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