Make the recommendation tab less intrusive

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User Info: Kahran042

2 months ago#1
As it is now, the "Would you recommend this Guide?" tab takes up too much of the screen. I would suggest either reverting it to the way it was before, with the feedback request being just on the top of the FAQ page.
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User Info: TriforceSD

2 months ago#2
I assume you are talking about viewing on mobile. When your phone is horizontal, the tabs do take up a lot of room. That recommendation tab can be closed out, but there's another search tab above it that could be made to be closed or made smaller.

So I'll still sign. Good idea.
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User Info: DiduXD

2 months ago#3
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User Info: Emulator

1 month ago#4

It also takes a lot of space in vertical view. Better to revert it back.
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