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User Info: Emulator

7 months ago#11
I just noted something here.


Look at the 'show' button in game description. If spoilers work in this way, all problems will be solved. It only show the spoiler text and if there were any links in spoilers, you wont be able to click them as they are not displayed until you click the show button.

I think it will work in the same way as multiple quoting posts work. When people quote a post and next user then quote his post and the process continues, only last 3 posts are displayed in quouted posts and other are hidden. And there is also a button to show quoted text. It never redirects any link because clicking on that button only show the quoted post first.

If it happens, the spoiler feature will look better than those black lines.
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User Info: Derpa_Games

6 months ago#13

User Info: NucaseEntertain

6 months ago#14
*signs for 2 and 3*

Happy1912 posted...
I just checked and this is technically already a thing go to advanced settings and you should be given a choice to reveal spoilers. I’m on mobile.

Still a problem if not logged in, and
Eevee-Trainer posted...
I think the problem with that is it automatically reveals all spoilers. I feel like TC doesn't have that setting enabled because he doesn't want to see every spoiler, only those he picks and chooses.
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User Info: Lord_Shadow

6 months ago#15
Derpa_Games posted...
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  3. Suggestion: Add "reveal spoilers" button to top of page
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