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  3. Please allow people to preview the edits they make to a post before submitting.

User Info: Fakeru

7 months ago#1
When you go to edit your post, you click the button and you re-enter your previous post to change things. This is fine, except then your only option is to submit the changes or not submit them. A lot of times I discover I have made another mistake, or have not fixed the mistake properly, especially when posting on mobile because the onscreen keypad is so tiny and the window for my post is also small.

It would be helpful if we allowed people to preview their edits the way we allow them to preview all of their new posts to ensure their edits are correct. This would especially be helpful because edits are limited. Too often I have run out of edits with my post still half a mess.

Thank you for listening and making this website.

User Info: Eevee-Trainer

7 months ago#2
See me on Discord! ^.^
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User Info: Lord_Wombat

7 months ago#3
As someone that exclusively uses mobile, I feel your pain bruh.

This site is starting to bore me. I need to get around more. Sooo... "@" me to a random topic to receive a cookie!
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User Info: vlado_e

7 months ago#4
We do what we must / because we can. / For the good of all of us. / Except the ones who are dead.

User Info: Icon_of_Sin

7 months ago#5

User Info: DragonAtma

7 months ago#6
In memory of my beloved cats, Anastasia (9/30/06-9/18/17, illness) and Josephine (1/19/06-9/23/17, cancer).
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User Info: TriforceSD

7 months ago#7
Some of you go to great efforts to make your posts top quality and spend a lot of time doing so. I for one appreciate it and it also makes posts easier to read. So yeah, anything to help you all out with this.

Our kitty has left to be with the Lord.
RIP Rascal, March 12, 2016. We miss you dearly...

User Info: Fakeru

7 months ago#8
I won't say my posts are top quality, but I do like to make sure they don't have spelling or grammar errors.

User Info: ironyisntdead

7 months ago#9
You havent set a signature for the message boards yet

User Info: DiduXD

7 months ago#10
Forget what you've already won and focus on the current match. Main FC: 4313-5212-1176 IGN Matthew
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  3. Please allow people to preview the edits they make to a post before submitting.
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